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Immerse Yourself In Abstract Art

Strengthen Your Creative Voice & Create Abstract Masterpieces. Turn Any Blank Canvas Into An Emotionally Charged Piece Of Art With A Demo-Style Course.

Join a community of 300+ Professional artist

Learning often happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Use Joy & Making to facilitate learning experiences no matter the context.

Help From Experts

Get help from other expert from our facebook community.

Build Your Network

Build your network by joining this course and our Facebook community.

Real-life Lessons

You will get all the lessons with a real-life examples.

Everything is a learning experience

Discover you personal roadmap and channel your passion into an authentic and professional looking work of art you’ll love.
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Nellya Tsyrlin

Artist & Instructor

Joy & Making Success Stories

Real students, real results

Milly Johns

“I loved this course! Was so cool to see the behind the scenes and the process from start to finish. Great inspiration, thanks so much! I loved all the social tips as well.”

Kelly Johnson

“Great idea of the course, lovely artist and the same time lack of information. I would like to see more examples of compositions, various shapes, color palettes.”

Bred Millson

“Very informative and comprehensive. Delightful, enthusiastic teacher. So many useful and practical tips about all that happens behind the scene.”

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