Expressive Landscape

Discover you personal roadmap and channel your passion into an authentic and professional looking work of art you’ll love.

Expressive Landscape

You hear it all the time in the art world….abstract art is all about style, you should just loosen up, express yourself and tune into the flow. But when you stand in front of the canvas you just don’t know what to paint.. you feel stuck, even scared, you don’t know where to begin or where to go next.

Sounds familiar…?

In this course we will demystify the intimidating chaotic creative process! And help you discover an authentic roadmap to that gorgeous and expressive art work.

What is inside the course:

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The first few videos are all about visual research and soul searching! We will go through targeted exercises that will help us figure out what’s most important to us and how to inject it into our own art. We will practice the notion of “opposites” on a small scale that will help you narrow down your visual concepts and help you develop a strong design you’ll love.
Jumping onto a large blank canvas can be intimidating. Nelly shares her method of how to begin, lead and complete an authentic painting with confidence.
Best part about abstract painting is setting up rules and breaking them! Learn to spot beautiful accidents, think outside the box and how to use unconventional tools effectively.
Mixed media is what makes abstract art so exciting! Let’s learn how to use unconventional materials in a beautiful way.

A great painting is all about taking creative risks! Throughout the course Nelly will share with you ways how to do just that but with a degree of control.

Best part about learning from other artists is the chance to add their experience to your own! In this course Nelly will share with you all the tricks she learned over the years.
Throughout the course Nelly will show you various ways to edit and troubleshoot your painting.

In this bonus video Nelly will show you one way to complete a painting and how to give it that extra little push. We will learn to apply gold leaf to canvas and discuss the importance of tiny marks.


Bonus mini course 50$ free

With the purchase of this course you will be granted a bonus course introducing you to an amazing printmaking technique where you will learn how to create painterly prints that open thrilling creative opportunities.

Course Curriculum

Visual Research
  • Gathering tools and materials (Introduction) (5:16)
  • Thumbnails 1 (from concept to paper) (1:44)
  • Thumbnails 2 (creating visual poetry) (8:08)
  • Thumbnails 3 (analysis) (3:53)
  • Thumbnails 4 (testing on canvas) (4:49)
Onto Canvas Day 1
  • First Pour (Cobalt Teal) (5:26)
  • Second Pour (Lavender) (2:13)
  • Third Pour (Indian Yellow) (4:14)
Onto Canvas Day 2
  • Welcome Back(2: 31)
  • Cut Outs(3: 15)
  • Painting Continues(9: 51)
  • Painting Continues 2(14: 02)
  • Pastels(2: 31)
  • Touch ups, changes and unique tools(3: 36)
  • Spray paint fun!(3: 07)
  • BONUS – adding gold leaf(2: 40)
  • BONUS Continues(2: 07)
Monotype Printmaking Bonus Bundle
  • Monotype intro (2:51)
  • Monotype painting technique (7:38)
  • Monotype painting technique p. 2 (2:02)
  • Monotype “ghost image” (3:41)

Meet the artist

My name is Nelly and I am an abstract artist. Originally I’ve studied classical painting and dedicated years to hone my skills as a realist painter.

However, with time, my work begun looking more loose and abstract, so I’ve decided to embrace that and expand in a new direction. Hence, welcoming change and paying carful attention to what your heart really craves is a big part of Joy&making art school.

No matter what stage you are at on your creative journey, at Joy&making you will learn to believe and trust yourself so you can create authentic art with confidence embrace the unknown and grow your unique voice as an artist.

Im thrilled to welcome you to the amazing Joy&making art school! and hope to see you in my new class EXPRESSIVE LANDSCAPE.

Hear From the Pros

Fellow artist who took this course have something to tell you

Milly Johns
Abstract Artist
“I loved this course! Was so cool to see the behind the scenes and the process from start to finish. Great inspiration, thanks so much! I loved all the social tips as well.”
Kelly Johnson
Abstract Artist
“Great idea of the course, lovely artist and the same time lack of information. I would like to see more examples of compositions, various shapes, color palettes.”
Bred Millson
Abstract Artist
“Very informative and comprehensive. Delightful, enthusiastic teacher. So many useful and practical tips about all that happens behind the scene.”
Most Common Questions
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When will I get access?

Immediately after, you receive an email with access to your class. Please check your spam folder as sometimes the email can end up there.

I don't have much art supplies, can I still do the course?

Absolutely! While Nelly  is using her favourite supplies, it doesn’t mean you need to use exactly the same. We want you to be open and adaptable and use what you have..

What level is this course suitable for?

This course is for anyone who has ever wanted to paint a big abstract canvas. The material is suitable for beginners and more experienced artists..

Is there an online community for this course?

Yes. After you sign up for the course, submit a request to join “joy and making” on Facebook. There is also a hashtag #joyandmaking that can be used on Instagram and other social media platforms to connect with others and showcase your work.

Why should I sign up now?

This price of the course is very low at the moment as we want to reach and help out as many creatives as possible. But this price won’t be available forever. If you have even the slightest twinge of trying it out, it’s best to jump in NOW. 

For how long do I have access?

The course comes with lifetime access. You will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. 

What is the one on one option?

One on one session, is an optional follow-up audit type of session with the teacher and the creator of the course Nelly.  This section is an opportunity to clarify any misunderstanding or ask more specific technical questions as well as have the personal attention of the art instructor for 90 minutes. You can can access this option at an additional cost at the check out. 

Who is the one on one sessions for ?

The one of what session is designed to help you troubleshoot together with the instructor and push your work further.

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